Fall 2018 Enrollment Lottery / Certification Information (UPDATED July 25)



All students, including veteran students, will be required to participate in an Sweetwater Adult Education orientation process for the 2018-2019 school year. Completion of the orientation is a prerequisite to attending class for all program areas. This orientation is not inclusive of, or in any way connected to the orientation veteran students complete in order to collect GI Bill benefits. This is a separate, different orientation designed to help students achieve success in their chosen pathway. All orientations must be completed before student can attend class. Failure to attend orientation for Fall semester will result in termination of both the class enrollment and VA Certification. To schedule your orientation, please visit the main office of the course you will attend for Fall 2018 semester.


Veteran Program Enrollment Certification Changes (UPDATED)

Beginning July 1st, our Veteran Education Program is now required to report “end of term/course” dates at the end of every semester. You will begin to receive automated emails from VAONCE system stating that a termination has been reported for the previous semester. Although the email states that it is a TERMINATION, do not be alarmed. This does not mean that your enrollment was cancelled, it is confirmation that the previous semester has been reported as completed. You will receive additional emails from VAONCE within the next few weeks for all courses completed within the last 3 years. If you have any questions regarding this change, please email our Program Clerk, Athena Matos, at cvaveteran@sweetwaterschools.net    

Students will not longer receive confirmation email from VA Program Clerk with certification letter. You will receive an automated email from VAONCE Electronic System after certification is submitted. If you would like a copy of your certification letter, you will need to visit the Veteran Education Program Office to request a copy in person. Photo ID will be required.