Adult School Committee

The Adult School Committee is a joint committee, established in Article 4.9 of the contract, for the express purpose of discussing and making recommendations regarding issues relevant to the Adult Education program. These topics will include, but not be limited to, Adult Education funding, Adult Education staffing, length of work year, policies/timelines for canceling classes, and any other topic that the Committee thinks is relevant.

The Adult School Committee shall consist of four (4) bargaining unit members (one from each site), an Association selected site representative, a member from the counseling department, a school principal and the Director of Adult Education.

The Adult School Committee Members for 2019-2020 are:

  • Chula Vista Adult, Ely Freedman
  • Montgomery Adult, Monty Lish
  • National City Adult, Cindy Sharp
  • San Ysidro Adult, Marianne Styron-Bobuk
  • Rancho Del Rey Middle, SEA Julie Walker
  • Counseling Department, Andrea Aragoza
  • Director/Principal, Ryan Burke