Returning Veteran/Dependent Students


To qualify for Continuing/Returning student status, the following criteria must be met:

  • A student must be enrolled and complete (with a passing grade) a Level 1 class in a multilevel Program Pathway
  • Enroll in Level 2 of the Program Pathway
  • Remain at the same school site (Students who wish to change their school site will no longer be eligible for Continuing/Returning student status)

Students who are not continuing into the next level of their current class will no longer qualify for returning/continuing student eligibility.

Students who are eligible for returning student enrollment will be notified by the Veteran Education Program clerk prior to enrollment. Students must receive prior approval before enrolling into next level. Students who do not have prior approval for enrollment will not be enrolled. Students eligible for returning student enrollment will be notified prior to the enrollment period.

**School sites will not enroll students during returning/continuing student enrollment period without approval notice.

Students who are attending classes that are only 1 (one) semester in length and/or those who will be completing the final level of their courses at the end of the semester will be considered NEW STUDENTS for the next semester and will enroll during Open Enrollment.

If you have completed the total allowed semester(s) in each course, do not re-enroll in the same course, the VA does not pay for repeat courses or give extensions.

(Although Course names, instructors, and times may change in an individual course, course curriculum remains the same. Therefore, repeating the course is not allowed)

Enrollment Steps:

Step 1: Registration for classes

Students who are eligible for Returning Student Enrollment will be notified by Veteran Education Program Clerk of returning student approval and enrollment dates. Returning Student Approval Form and Picture ID is required for enrollment. Students who do not have the Approval form at the time of enrollment will not be enrolled for classes.

Per Veteran Administration, (Title 38 U.S.C. 3680A(d) and 38 CFR 21.4201), each individual program must meet VA regulations in respect to class counts. Therefore, to remain in compliance with this policy, each program will have a maximum cap of up to 85:15 ratio for Veteran student enrollment


Step 2: Submit enrollment information for VA Certification

To Submit information via email or fax:

1.) Print, sign, and scan the following forms:

     * Statement of Understanding

2.)Send your Approval Form, Payment Receipt (if applicable) along with form listed above to or fax to: 619-425-5447

Please add: “ATTN: Processing Clerk, Registration Information” to the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email of receipt along with a tracking number for your file. Please do not lose the tracking number. This is the number associated with your file. Once your file has been processed, you will receive another email confirming the certification with a copy of your certification letter for the Fall 2017 semester.

All email and faxed submissions will be processed beginning on Tuesday July 11th. Submission will not be processed prior to this date.

To submit information in person

Please bring copy of your enrollment information and payment receipt (if applicable) to Veteran Education Program Office beginning Monday July 17th.

    1. Veteran Program Office will begin accepting walk in submissions on Monday July 17th
    2. Enrollment submission will be available during the hours of 8:30am-12:30pmand 2:00pm-4:30pm ONLY.
    3. Walk in submissions WILL NOT BEaccepted before Monday July 17th.
    4. It is not necessary to bring items on day one. All certifications are processed in a timely manner. You can also request an appointment time to submit paperwork to avoid the long lines.

Step 3: Plan to attend school

The first day of class is Tuesday July 25th, 2017. If for any reason you won’t be able to attend, please notify the Veteran Program Office via e-mail at:

Failure to attend first day of school will result in termination of enrollment and certification, unless prior notification has been received and approved.