Digital Literacy

Register for classes in person. School offices are open Monday – Thursday, 8:45am to 6:45pm.

Click on the picture below to download the flyer.

Digital Literacy class flyer


Module 1: Functioning Skills

  • Computer basics (computer vocabulary, adjust audio, typing skills etc..)

Module 2: Effective Communication

  • E-Mail

  • Messaging 

Module 3: Internet Usage, Ethics, and Safety

  • Use of online tools

  • Being safe online (avoiding spam email, cybersecurity, cyberbullying)

Module 4: Collaboration and Creativity

  • Introduction to Google Workspace

Module 5: Cultural and Social Understanding

  • Posting and writing responsibly

Module 6: Find and Select Information

  • Research a topic

  • Reputable sources 

  • What to believe and not to believe on the internet