Fall 2019 Enrollment Information – UPDATED 7/23/19

Fall 2019 Enrollment Information 

Enrollment appointment first 100 numbers in the enrollment lottery have been completed.

Additional enrollment appointment notices will be sent out beginning July 22nd and will continue until all classes are full.

Fall 2019 classes will begin on Monday August 5th, 2019.


Fall 2019 Veteran Education Program Lottery Enrollment Information

Fall 2019 Enrollment Lottery is NOW CLOSED

  • All Lottery Results have been sent out.
  • Please check your emails in the upcoming weeks for information regarding available courses, schedules and lottery drawing info.
  • Enrollment Lottery Link will be available beginning Monday April 8th at 9am and will remain open until April 29th at 4pm.’
  • Contact information will be submitted via online link and you will receive a confirmation of submission via email within one (1) business day.
  • All names submitted will be drawn and assigned a lottery number, however, this does not guarantee enrollment in our program. This number represents the order in which enrollment will be processed.
  • All classes will be filled in the order of the lottery drawing. Once classes are full, enrollment will be closed and remaining names will be held on waiting list for the first 2 weeks of school.
  • Lottery Drawing will be held in public forum. Attendance is not required as individual results will be sent via email to each participant.
  • Lottery results will be sent out via email the week of May 13th through May 17th. All results will be sent out in numeric order.
  • Lottery results will be determined by electronic lottery shuffle via www.random.org website.
  • For more information regarding the random shuffle system, you are encouraged to visit the website to research validity of the source.

Courses Available for Enrollment

Computer Applications Microsoft Office (2 semesters)

Building Maintenance and Repair (2 semesters)

Breads, Pastries, Desserts, and Cakes (Part of 2 semester Pastry/Baking Program)

Cake Designs, Chocolate, and High End Decorating Technique (Part of 2 semester Pastry/Baking Program)

Floral Design (2 semesters)

Administrative Professional (1 semester)