New Veteran Student / Dependent or Transferring Student

Enrollment for classes through our Veteran Education Program is closed for the Spring 2017 semester. New Student Orientation Schedule will be available early April for the Fall 2017 semester.

A new veteran student is an eligible veteran or dependent who DID NOT attend our Adult Schools this past Spring 2016 semester.

A transferring student is an eligible veteran/dependent who is transferring from another school or college.

Our education programs are measured in clock hours and benefits are paid based on scheduled class hours per week.


To enroll in any of our Health Occupations courses you will need to take a Reading Assessment, for date/times check our CTE Health Occupations Reading Assessment Schedule

Enrollment Steps:

Step 1: Apply for Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

Apply for benefits by visiting, click on: “Apply for Benefits,” this will launch VonApp program.  Follow online instructions to complete application. Choose Chula Vista Adult School, 1034 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA  91911 as your school of choice.  You will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from VA.

Step 2: Transcript Evaluation

If you have attended any other schools within the last 5 years, you will need a copy of your transcripts. You are required to have all prior credits, both civilian and military, evaluated for transfer and application towards the certificate program you’ll be working on. Your enrollment certification will not be submitted to the Veterans Administration if you do not complete this step. We require transcripts for all schooling attended within the past 5 years. (Military Dependents do not need to submit transcripts)

Step 3:  New Veteran/Dependent Student Orientation – Requirement Waived for Fall 2016 Semester

Attendance at one of our New Student Orientations is MANDATORY prior to registering for class for Fall semester.

Please check our Veterans Orientation Schedule for the date and time that you wish to attend.

To register for an orientation go to:

Registration for Orientation will be done the DAY BEFORE the actual orientation date. You may not register at any other time.

  • You will need a valid e-mail address to use as your login.
  • You will need to create a password.
  • Write down your password as we are unable to retrieve.
  • Print your affidavit and bring to orientation

Step 4: Registration for classes

Registration will begin on Monday July 11th at 8am and will be available at all 4 individual school site.

Browse our course catalog for Fall 2016 to see courses available for the Fall 2016 semester. Take note of the course times and location of the course of choice. The location of the course is the location you will go to for registration beginning July 11th.

Course registration is based on first come, first served basis. Once courses are full, registration for that class will end. There are no exceptions to this policy. We do not have waiting lists for our courses.

Per Veteran Administration, (Title 38 U.S.C. 3680A(d) and 38 CFR 21.4201), each individual program must meet VA regulations in respect to class counts. Therefore, to remain in compliance with this policy, each program will have a maximum cap of up to 85:15 ratio for Veteran student enrollment

Hours required for each Fall and Spring semester:



Full time 18-21 hours per week 22-25 hours per week
Three quarter time 14-17 hours per week 16-21 hours per week
Half time 10-13 hours per week 12-15 hours per week

(ALL CTE COURSES ARE THEORY BASED COURSES) Chapter 33 students will NOT receive a housing allowance if enrolled in a class 9 hours or less.

Step 5:  Textbooks

Post 9/11 Chapter 33 veteran students will receive a lump sum from the VA for books and supplies stipend equal to $83 per month and prorated for partial months of attendance, up to an annual maximum of $996 each year.

Step 6: Submit enrollment information for VA Benefit Certification

Once enrollment is complete, you will need to submit enrollment information to the Veteran Program Clerk at Chula Vista Adult School. Items that must be submitted are: Copy of enrollment information, payment receipt (if applicable), current copy of Certificate of Eligibility, Transcripts (if applicable). Please see Fall 2016 Intake Schedule for submission instructions.

Step 7: Plan to attend school

The first day of classes is July 26th, plan to attend classes. If for any reason you won’t be able to attend, please notify the Veteran Program Office via e-mail at: