Registration and Attendance

There is no registration fee required for enrollment in the adult school program. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend. New students are accepted at any time in many classes. Students who wish to attend classes at the adult school must enroll at the adult school of their choice: Chula Vista Adult, (619) 796-7000.  Montgomery Adult, (619) 600-3800.  National City Adult, (619) 336-9400.  San Ysidro Adult, (619) 428-7200.  If you have a question regarding registration and or classes offered, please call the school that you would like to attend.

Non-Resident Charge

Students living in Mexico must pay the established hourly non-resident charge of $6.31 per hour of instruction.

Tuition Classes

These are personal enrichment classes financed by the participants. Courses may require a class fee in addition to the tuition fee. If class is cancelled due to low enrollment refunded fees will be prorated.

There are no refunds unless the class is cancelled.

Supply Fee

Fees may be charged in some classes, for supplies, and/or materials. The amount of the supply fee will be indicated for each class. There are no refunds unless the class is cancelled.


Courses with insufficient enrollment or those where student attendance drops below minimal standards, may be cancelled. Some classes may be combined with other class sections in order to obtain minimal student attendance. Regular attendance is expected of all students and is especially important for those seeking high school credit, vocational training certificate, or Veterans Administration Benefits.

Students may be dropped from class for unsatisfactory attendance.