Spring 2019 Enrollment Lottery Information

Spring 2019 Veteran Education Program Enrollment Lottery

•Spring 2019 semester will be determined by the enrollment lottery system. Lottery results will determine the order in which enrollment will be processed.

•Individuals interested in enrolling in our program will be able to submit their name for lottery through the Online Lottery Submission on our website. Once name is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email of submission within 24 hours. If submitted on weekend (Friday-Sunday) or holidays, please allow up to one (1) business day for confirmation email.

•Prospective students may only submit for lottery 1 time each semester. Any effort to cheat the lottery system will result in exclusion from the program

•There is no priority in regards to the date or time that names are submitted. For example: names submitted August 10th will have same chances as those submitted September 11th

•Lottery drawing date: TBD;  Location: Chula Vista Adult School Campus


To submit your information for the Spring 2019 Enrollment Lottery, please click link below:

Please check back in late March for more information