Security Officer

Regular office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:45am to 6:45pm.*

*Office hours may change due to holidays or other circumstances. Go to the school website to check for changes to school office hours before visiting a school site.

Receive your California Guard Card plus the 40 hour certificate. 

VA Approved Course

Courses include training to become a Campus Assistant at public schools!

Prepare for employment as an unarmed security officer, patroller, and gatekeeper.  Become proficient in oral and written communications.  Acquire safety skills from OSHA regulations.  Learn bomb threat procedures and proper escorting techniques.  Includes state certification in “Powers to Arrest/WMD”.

COURSE 1: Security Level 1 

COURSE 2: Security Level 2

National City Adult School
(619) 336-9400


Monday and Tuesday/8:30am to 11:30am  AND

Wednesday and Thursday/8:30am to 12:30pm


Monday and Tuesday/5:30pm – 8:30pm  AND

Wednesday and Thursday/4:30pm – 8:30pm

LENGTH: 18 weeks each course

COST: All CTE courses are FREE until May 2024. Fees have intentionally been waived to support students impacted financially because of the pandemic. (Students are responsible for Livescan and state fees.)

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